#Step 2


We know that the project is a fundamental phase through which ideas become real and the final result visible. The project is the tool through which we take care of the details, choose the right materials and correctly define the budget.

Design creativity

Trying to look at the world from new points of view. We intercept the best contemporary trends and reinterpret them with new styles and material contrasts.

Form and function

Everything is where it is needed. This is the principle behind all our projects. Finding the right balance between functionality and design is our daily challenge.


Our philosophy is that every project is tailor-made according to the real needs of each single customer. We like to imagine our products as integral parts of architecture.

Our projects are realised and presented with utmost attention to details. Through 3D representations and photorealistic renderings our customers can experience spaces and environments even before they are built.

LIMALAB is a joinery and carpentry workshop where craftsmanship, technological innovation and design interact in the pursuit of excellence.
A humanistic and ethical approach to the project characterises all our work.