#Step 4


It is during this stage that all ideas are materialised and come to life in the environment for which they were conceived. For this reason, we do not outsource the assembly of our structures, but instead take care of it ourselves.


Already during the design and implementation phase, we take into consideration all possible difficulties that may arise during assembly, so as to minimise unexpected events and delays for our customers.

Attention to detail

An accurate installation enhances the qualities of our products, and allows the customer to fully enjoy functional furniture that is perfectly integrated into their living environment.


To meet our customers’ needs, we are always willing to reach an agreement on the method and timing of our interventions, in order to create as little disruption as possible.

LIMALAB is a joinery and carpentry workshop where craftsmanship, technological innovation and design interact in the pursuit of excellence.
A humanistic and ethical approach to the project characterises all our work.